New High School Construction

The bond will support replacing Sherwood High School with a new high school on a new site to accommodate future growth, significantly increase the size of athletic fields for schools and community use, and reduce the District's reliance on portable classroom buildings.

The new high school, targeted for completion in 2020, will address overcrowding at the existing high school, while keeping Sherwood a one-high school community for the foreseeable future. The existing high school site will become one middle school to serve the entire community. 

(Current Concept Site Plan; not final design for new high school 09/06/17)


New information regarding the design and construction of the
new high school is posted below.

    • Urban Growth Boundary Approval 
    On August 17, 2017 the Metro Regional Government Council approved our Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) amendment for the new high school development. This will add approximately 75 acres to the Urban Growth Boundary contingent upon it being used for a public high school.
    • Neighborhood Meeting Update
    The District hosted a Neighborhood Meeting on October 4, 2017 for people that live near the new HS site to discuss the land-use approval process for the new high school project, including the request for an approved concept plan and to zone the property for institutional and public use.  View the PowerPoint presentation here
    • Community Forum Update
    The District hosted a Community Forum on September 28 focusing on the alignment of the new high school with the Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan.  View the PowerPoint presentation from the forum here.

    • 9/25/17 Upcoming Neighborhood Meeting on 10/4/2017:
    On October 4th SSD will host a neighborhood meeting for people who live near the new HS site, in the cafeteria of Laurel Ridge Middle School from 7:00-8:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the land-use approval process for the project including the request for an approved concept plan and to zone the property for institutional and public use.
    • 9/15/17 Upcoming Community Forum - Sherwood HS Concept Plan Information Night:
    The District will be hosting a Community Forum on September 28, in the cafeteria of Laurel Ridge Middle School from 7-8:30pm.  The forum will focus solely on the alignment of the new high school within the Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan.  
    • 08/31/17 Sherwood West Concept Plan
    See here, for the New Sherwood High School/Sherwood West Concept Plan presentation by DOWA from the Planning Commission Workshop held on August 8, 2017.
    • 08/22/17 SHS Design Focus Groups
    Focus group meetings with staff and consultants have continued through the summer, to ensure the architect team for the new high school receive input from all areas of the school.  Discussions have centered on interior design/fashion, yearbook, youth transition, SHIP, and the central courtyard, among other topics.
    • 08/07/17 New Site Plan
    Visit this link to view the most current plan for the SHS site!
    • 06/29/17 Concept Plan
    Check out the latest concept site plan, here!
    • 06/14/17 Schematic Design Complete
    The Schematic Design Phase for the design of the new high school is complete.  The District and architects from DOWA are commencing with review of the package.
    • 06/07/17 SHS Design Committee, #10
    The final schematic design phase meeting of the New SHS Design Committee was held on June 7.  The committee reviewed the current design and the elements of the site and building that will be additive bid alternates.  In the future, this group will be reconvened as needed to gather additional input.
    • 06/02/17 High School Department Focus Groups
    The architects at Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group Architects, Inc. (DOWA), will host focus groups with department staff during the summer to discuss important elements to staff to support teaching and learning within the new high school's design.
    • 05/26/17 Traffic Studies
    The District's  and architects from DOWA and owner's rep, Cornerstone Management Group, Inc., meet on a continuing basis with the City of Sherwood and Washington County to discuss the impacts and road improvements that will be necessary to support traffic in the area at and around the new high school being built at the corner of Kruger and Elwert Roads.  Traffic studies are being conducted.
    • 05/05/17 CM/GC Selected
    Following an RFP process to select the Construction Manager/General Contractor for the new high school, the District selected Skanska USA.
    • 05/26/17 Planning Commission Work Session
    Representatives for Sherwood School District, including several members of our Bond Management Team, attended the Planning Commission Work Session with the City of Sherwood on May 23.
    • 04/13/17 Ridgeview High School Tour
    On Thursday, April 13, 2017, several District staff and Design Committee members had the opportunity to travel to Redmond, Oregon, to get a tour of Ridgeview High School.  Designed by our architects, DOWA, the school has many comparable size and program elements that give the team ideas for the possibilities available for the new high school.
    • 04/07/17 Design Update
    The design of the new high school is progressing with a focus on trying to minimize scale, work with existing grades, and creating community and learning areas.  The Design Team continues to integrate feedback from the Design Committee, students, staff, and community into the building design.
    • 04/03/17 Community Input Session
    On the evening of April 3, at Laurel Ridge Middle School, 32 community members attended a session for providing input and asking questions regarding the new high school concept plan (see below) and schematic design phase.  Participants received a presentation from the District's architect, Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group (DOWA), which detailed the site plan and planned features for the high school site.  Attendees were then asked to review the plans, as well as photos of potential exterior characteristics, to provide feedback and make notes on the plans as to what they liked or what they did not prefer for Sherwood's new school.

    04/03/17 Community Input Session

    • 03/24/17 CM/GC RFP Process
    The District's Owner's Representative, Cornsterstone Management Group, Inc., is leading the RFP process for a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the new high school.  Applications are due April 6.
    • 03/09/17 Community Input Session
    Our first Community Input Session related to the design of the new high school was held on March 9, in the cafeteria at Laurel Ridge.  We had a great turnout!  There were 78 in attendance and we received great feedback - and some thought-provoking questions, to be sure - that will help us to consider the thoughts and needs of the community through the final stages of the design phase.  The architects from DOWA, Karina and David, did an exceptional job with their presentation and fielding questions.  We will host a second Community Input Session on April 3, in the LRMS Cafeteria, from 6-8pm.
    • 03/03/17 Due Diligence Work
      Due diligence surveying and land analysis continues at the property for the new high school. Work is expected to be completed by March 17, including timber valuation, wetland delineation, Phase II environmental assessment, and site survey.
      • 02/24/17 SHS Students Participate in Design Phase of New High School
      Karina Ruiz and David Johnson of DOWA joined Supt. Cordie at the February Superintendent Student Advisory Team (SSAT) meeting, on February 2.  It was very beneficial for the architects to learn from the students’  perspectives on what high school features they enjoy, and which hinder their learning or flow of movement through the building.  The conversations highlighted the importance of the student voice into this phase of design planning -- so much so, Supt. Cordie has added two more SSAT meetings to the calendar and intends to have DOWA present at the remaining four meetings scheduled this school year, so that they can continue to be part of the discussions and include student input.
      • High School Design Committee Updates
      Follow along as the Design Committee works to guide the vision for the new high school!  Read all the updates here.

      • 01/27/17 High School Design Committee
      We have completed the process of selecting the stakeholders who will participate in the SHS Design Committee, the advisory group who will contribute to establishing a vision for the new high school being constructed.  Members include Board members, selected teachers and students, district-level and SHS administrators, community members, and parents.  The application period for parent members closed on Tuesday, January 17, and we received 54 total applications.  After careful screening, 13 candidates were selected for panel interviews, held on Monday evening, January 23.  The first meeting for the SHS Design Committee will be January 31.
      • 01/27/17 New High School Program Narrative
      Representatives from the District, SHS, DOWA/IBI, and Cornerstone met over the course of several weeks to prepare a draft program narrative for the new high school. The team reached a targeted goal of 320,000 square-feet for the high school program. The narrative is expected to be finalized next week.
      • 01/13/17 Due diligence continues at high school site
      The District requested a proposal for a firm to prepare the traffic study required by the governing agencies.  The award will be completed next week and initial meetings with the governing agencies will be
      scheduled.  Soils borings were completed and the analysis of the material collected has started.
      • 01/06/17 Due diligence planned for high school site
      Sherwood School District obtained written authorization to go on each of the tax lots identified as part of the new high school site.  This allows the District to start the due diligence process for land acquisition.  Geotechnical engineering and civil surveying representatives have begun investigation at the site to determine site conditions and utility requirements.
      • 11/29/16 District meets with City Councilors
      District staff, Board members, and owner's representative Cornerstone Management Group, Inc., presented the District's plan for the new high school construction to the City of Sherwood in a City Council work session. The purpose of the meeting was to review with the City Council the area desired by the District for building the school, and sharing how the area was selected based on comparative data on other properties within the school district boundaries. The District requested that the City grant access for due diligence activities to learn more about the adjacent property to the selected site which is currently owned by the City of Sherwood; the City Council approved the request during the Council meeting later that evening.

      • 11/09/16 Board of Directors authorizes acquisition of property
      At its November 9, 2016, meeting, the Sherwood School District Board of Directors approved a resolution authorizing acquisition of property for the construction of a new high school. The property identified in the resolution is located off Elwert Road, between Kruger and Haide Roads (Tax Lots 200, 201, and 207), and offers approximately 50 acres of regularly-shaped, flat, developable land for the new school.  Property owners in the identified area were notified of the District’s interest in purchasing their property, and were invited to enter into negotiations.  The District is represented by Todd McCabe of the McCabe Real Estate Group.  

      Photos and Video

      New photos/videos related to construction of the new high school
      will be posted here as they are made available.