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03/03/17 Bond Technology Rollout

posted Sep 8, 2017, 2:03 PM by Summer Bowman
The District's bond that passed in November 2016 totaled $247.5M. Included in that amount was just over $8 million in funding for instructional technology. We have formed a team that will follow the Future Ready process to guide our implementation and gauge our readiness to implement. This research-based process has been used by many neighboring districts and received great reviews.

The Future Ready team was formed, consisting of teachers, administrators, and a member of the Board of Directors. The Future Ready team met in February and provided the District's administrative team with feedback on potential technology rollout options. The feedback provided was instrumental in clarifying a rollout progression. 

Our plan is to have a 1:1 device deployment at all levels within two years, with the following timeline to rollout student devices:
  • 2016-17 - Technologies are being added district-wide to prepare for an initial rollout and to bring a standard level of service throughout schools at each level
  • 2017-18 - Deploy a Chromebook to each student in grades 6-12 
  • 2018-19 - Deploy carts of Chromebooks to each classroom in grades 3-5; re-deploy existing iPads from grades 3-5 to grades K-2; add new iPads as needed
  • 2019-20 - Deploy new iPads to each classroom in grades K-2, with quantities to be based on teacher feedback 

The next level of work for our Future Ready team is to develop procedures and/or policies for a variety of topics. A major area of focus will be to create a professional development and support plan for administrators, teachers and classified staff. We look forward to keeping you updated as that work progresses.